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Monday, 18 April 2011

Magika Addictive fun.

Started to play magika lately because it was recommended by a friend. It is strangely addictive. I am still getting used to the keys but its a comical game. You start off the game thinking its a game of magical quests and storyline but its just a total pisstake of a game. My favorite moment so far was after you ''save'' the castle of Havindir the king is beinh approached by a messenger and its just ripping on the movie 300 ''Madness'' scene. A giant well; behind the messenger and the king in a ''kick'' stance. Other monets such as the James Bond mockery. A giant gun being powered by a troll (on a bicycle) and you must kill the troll while 2 warlocks are trying to kill you, but they start throwing firebolts at each other during the fight.

It is a game you cant take serious. But it is Defiantly  worth a look. The new DLC available on steam is only 4.99 and its called Magika Vietnam (riping on the latest Battlefield). I am having alot of fun with this game and the MultiPlayer is fast paced but very enjoyable. Looking for a new game on a budget it is definatley worth a look.