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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Today I bought my very first protein supplement. I am not sure if i will stay on these but gona test this out first and see if there are any major improvments in my training. It is the middle of the week so it is recomended i take 3 a day while training and 2 a day while not training. Lets see how this goes.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Over the last year or so I have workd on my fitness. I have being doing free weights and cardio excersise. I am planing on applying for the local fire services using this as my incentive to train. Before chistmas with all the hype, work etc training took a lapse but the new year brought some interesting gains. I now run outside the gym alot more (cross country style) and my free weight records are climbing (slowly) but it feels fantastic to be back at it making gains.

Running at the moment i can do 19 Kilometers in 1h 45mins roughly and I can bench 60Kg
I am training for the Marathon and am hoping to finish it at least im not worried about my time thats for next one to worry about.
Over the past year my fitness went from Sim unfit to fit. i passed the Fire services physical no problems which was an achievment for me as i was nowhere near fit when I decided I wanted to join up.

Now feeling the burn and enjoying it immensly, Cant wait to log my progress from here on out.