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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New project.

Lately I have being pretty distant from my blog. Me and a friend of mine have being working on a project which I am hoping will bring some laughs to people. It is a little comedy. I hope to post it soon when my friend is done editing the footage ad posts it on youtube. Its pretty amateur stuff at the moment but it's just for fun.

But as for gaming I am playing Bulletstorm at the moment. The story of the game is a little weak. Random battle occurring every 10 steps of walking but there is alot of aspects of the game I like. One would be the game allows you to be creative in the way you kill your enemies. You are awarding skill points for killing an enemy in different ways. You can kick them into spikes, mutated plants and electrical appliances to shock them. The more creative you are the more points you obtain.00

I am not too impressed with the multi player in the game but I did not play it so much.
Anyways I hope I can Blog a little more.